Growing together

We are on the look out for young start-ups that are creating exciting innovations in popular sectors... We offer you the power of a long-term and sustainable technological and business partnership.

When the fresh ideas and power to innovate of young start-ups meet the valuable resources of a large company like Gira, both parties get to experience exponential growth. This is the essence of GNERATOR.



Smart Data & Analytics

Here at Gira, we believe that the intelligent use of data is a key driving force behind innovative business models and products. We are fascinated by new developments in the field of context-aware systems, mesh and app service architecture, digital technology platforms, and cybersecurity.

The internet of things

The digitalisation and virtualisation of business processes and customer experiences is bringing with it a whole host of new perspectives to our business. The development of smart home platforms in particular, as well as wearable devices and industrial IoT, represent interesting points of departure for us.

Artificial intelligence

Intelligent systems, which learn and adapt their future behaviour based on individual user requirements create interactive customer experiences. Advanced machine learning, predictive analytics and conversational interfaces have the potential to take building technology to the next level.

User-centric design

User-centric design: creating a new, customer-centric reality and seamlessly combining online and offline user experiences is driving forward innovation in the field fo intelligent building technology at Gira. AR, VR, location-based services and haptic technologies all have the potential to revolutionise user experiences.


Sustainable support

Gira’s sustainability applies to GNERATOR too. The platform is based on long-term, equal partnerships that benefit both parties. Your benefit: Company shares and intellectual property rights for your innovations remain with the start-up.

Fellowship and sustainability

Each participating start-up becomes a fellow of GNERATOR. We offer flexible support as long-term partners, without imposing any rigid deadlines.


Competent and cooperative

Our team in the WeWork looks forward to matching up you and your ideas with Gira. Their corporate experience and your start-up expertise represent the perfect accelerators for joint development.

Matthias Nawrocki

Head of start-up collaboration


Matthias is an engineer with a hands-on mentality. He has worked as technology manager at Gira for almost ten years, where he develops technologies for the building systems of the future. He offers experience from the fields of computer science and electrical engineering, and combines these with general management skills attained through an EMBA.


Markus Fromm-Wittenberg

Head of strategic alliances


Markus is a networker and expert in smart living and building automation. He has 25 years of experience in the fields of marketing, sales and product management to bring to the initiative.



Make your business our business

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